About Us

Nextval was founded in early 2010 and has recently moved to a production facility in Tempe, AZ to develop a production-ready version of our GlycoChip platform

Nextval, Inc.
1920 E. 3rd St. Suite 8
Tempe, AZ 85281

Main Phone: (480) 694-1095


Matthew Greving, Ph.D. (matt.greving@nextval.com) Dr. Greving has 12 years of experience in interdisciplinary research and development including the areas of biochemistry, analytical chemistry, synthetic chemistry, computational algorithms and materials science. Dr. Greving has extensive experience in synthesis and screening of chemical libraries on microarrays and interfacing mass spectrometry with high-density arrays. As a result of his recent work, Dr. Greving has published 7 peer-reviewed articles and filed 5 patents related to screening and optimization of chemical libraries and lead compounds in a microarray format, as well as the analysis of microarrays with mass spectrometry. In addition, Dr. Greving is utilizing his software engineering experience to develop new algorithms for the analysis of high-dimensional data that results from mass-readout of thousands of arrayed samples. The goal of this effort is to enable assays that are difficult or impossible to perform with traditional optical and radiological detection and allow researchers to access targets/pathways that are currently inaccessible due to traditional assay limitations.